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Come on India! We can do better.

Comparison showing number of companies, GDPR and rank in Innovation index for US, China and India.
USA Flag
China Flag
India Flag
Companies in Fortune Global 500 (2017) 133 109 7
GDP per capita (PPP, in 2017) $60,000 $16,000 $7,000
Rank in Global Innovation Index 2017 4 22 60

If this comparison bothers you as much as it does to us, come talk to us over a cup of coffee.

At Wingify, we’re building SaaS (software as a service) products from India that are used by thousands of companies in more than 90 countries across the world. In our industry, we’re proudly outcompeting all our international counterparts to clock USD 20mn in annual revenue, bringing in more than a hundred crore of valuable foreign exchange into India every year.

But we’re dissatisfied and hungry for more.

We believe we can do so much more and put a massive tri-colored dent into the universe.

If you’re passionate about building great products from India for the entire world and want to play a big role in the emerging SaaS industry in India, contact us and we’ll talk.

You should join Wingify.

  • Our products are used by customers in 90+ countries. By joining our team now, you’ll become part of the inevitable trend where Indian companies become #1 or #2 globally in their respective categories.


    You should join us to play a major role in shaping future of the nation

  • In a 2016 report, Accel Partners and Google projected India SaaS industry to be around $10Bn industry by 2025. (It’s already 100Bn+ industry in US). The report identified India’s English speaking population and low cost tech capabilities to uniquely advantage India’s SaaS companies over their US counterparts.

    Google Accel Report - SaaS India, Public Version 1.1 - 7 March 2016
    Source: Google Accel Report - SaaS India, Public Version 1.1 - 7 March 2016


    Wingify is one of the top SaaS companies in India (by size and influence) and by joining us, you’ll learn ins-and-outs of the SaaS business and thereby align your career with exponentially expanding sector in India.

  • What drives us is excellence. Our products and customer service is loved by our customers because we’re motivated to be the world’s best at what we do and if that means beating our international competitors, so be it.


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    You should join us if you’re driven to excel and to be the world’s best at what you do.

  • We love to have fun, throw parties, and travel together. We’re a young, beer-loving, chai-sipping team. At Wingify, among the usual hobbies of ‘listening to music’ and ‘shopping’, you’ll find people who’re in hiking, anime, running, Fifa, illustrations, table tennis, stand up comedy and reading abstruse philosophy books.


    You should join us if you’d like to meet people who you can be friends with for rest of your life.

More reasons to join us

  1. Your work is seen and appreciated by THOUSANDS of business users daily
  2. You work with a team of passionate folks (us!) who LOVE beautifully designed software and understand that design is as important as the technology behind a product
  3. Salaries at par with the best software companies in the industry
  4. Immense learning and growth opportunities in small, multi-functional, tightly-knit teams of smart folks
  5. Health insurance for you and your dependents
  6. Wingify offers a Meal Allowance benefit for employees in collaboration with Paytm, which is regulated by the Income Tax Act
  7. Work with a remote-first team from anywhere in India
  8. Dedicated allowance to set up your own home office
  9. No dress code, no long commutes to office
  10. Annual company-sponsored team trip (On-hold due to Covid19)
  11. Regular hackathons where you could work on any project of your liking
  12. Check our team blog to see what we are up to at Team Wingify

Join us in our journey to build globally admired technology products from India.


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