This team at VWO takes up microservice design and development in addition to scale and performance (serving clients such as Disney, Ubisoft, AMD, Dominos). We use the latest tech stack for all layers of application development in addition to Kubernetes for deployment automation and scaling

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VWO by Wingify is a leading website testing platform used by more than 2,500+ brands in 90+ countries to analyze web activity and increase conversions. Companies including Microsoft, General Electric, Rackspace and the American Red Cross use VWO to understand how website visitors engage with their digital properties. We offer marketers an easy-to-implement and use, but highly effective A/B testing, Multivariate testing, behavioral targeting, usability and heat map testing solution that requires no coding knowledge.

This team at VWO takes up microservice design and development in addition to scale and performance (serving clients such as Disney, Ubisoft, AMD, Dominos). We use the latest tech stack for all layers of application development in addition to Kubernetes for deployment automation and scaling. We leverage Google Cloud, handling a scale of more than 30,000 requests per second and terabytes of data using CI/CD pipelines. We believe in FOSS and giving back. We use a lot of open source and contribute back to the community. Here is the link to our Open Source Repositories

While we follow an agile methodology for development, we lean towards feature management (dogfooding) and gradual updates for our release process. This means that every new feature is rolled out to a tiny percentage of our customers before we do a full release.

Over the last 11 years, we have been able to work with a lean team making VWO stable with 100% SLAs met (99.5% uptime promised and 99.9% delivered) for our product.

In the coming year, with new additions to the team, we are looking to expand the breadth of our product suite with new products and scale along with our new customer growth. This team works hand in hand with our product and design teams, so everyone gets to participate in the product development.

VWO's payload on the customer's websites is the fastest and smallest in the industry. This team works on the VWO's code that runs in the head section of more than 50k websites of our customers, helping them take crucial business decisions in near real-time. We go deep into how browsers expose the API, writing Vanilla Javascript and on websites built on any technology stack (React, Gatsby). No matter the tech stack on which a website is built, VWO's code needs to run reliably without impacting the performance of the websites. Last year, we started working on an entirely fresh way of collecting information for the use of our customers using an event based architecture and now we want to expand it to not just collection but taking decisions (like modifying the content, personalisation) while remaining the fastest and smallest.

In this coming year, this team will be looking to create more value for our customers while keeping our libraries nimble. We are serious about writing code that respects the privacy of the end consumers and that is a challenge we are prepared for.

The quality assurance team at VWO works to ensure the features we are building continue to deliver on their promise and live upto the high standards that we abide by. We do this by ensuring that we have good regression suites and a lot of focus on automation along with manual testing which makes for a confident QA team and also improves the efficiency and productivity of our engineering team. The better the quality assurance team, the faster we are able to push reliable product upgrades. is the face of the organisation. This is where our customers discover us and get to learn about our product offerings. The website development teams works hand in glove with VWO's marketing and product teams to create an experience that helps current and prospective customers understand our offerings in a jiffy!

In the new year, we are taking on challenges to create systems that can scale via personalisation. Creating internal tools to empower our own marketing teams to deploy pages fast.

With great power, comes great responsibility? Similarly, with a lot of data, comes the responsibility of protection of that data. The application security team ensures that in using our product, our customer’s data is secure. We don't just stop at that. We look deep into the softwares that our team uses and every new vendor on boarded across the org gets a first go ahead from the application security team.

The challenges we are looking to solve for in this team are bringing in automation in our security practises and further enriching the security layer for VWO and our internal teams.

UX Engineer helps facilitate collaboration between design and engineering. UX Engineer should possess the skill-set of a UI Engineer but with working knowledge of UX design principles.

The mobile engineering team at Wingify is a specialized group aimed at analyzing Android & iOS apps for better conversion. We manage SDKs for all supported Mobile App ecosystems.

  1. 1. Build Better Mobile Apps by Rapidly Testing New Ideas
  2. 2. Take better business decisions with mobile experiments
  3. 3. Launch new app features with confidence
  4. 4. Create targeted and personalized campaigns
  5. 5. Improve your app engagement and retention
  6. 6. Track all your KPIs

We currently have support for Kotlin, Java, Objective C, Swift, ReactNative & Flutter. The team manages this wide array of languages & works in a very research oriented environment. Keeping updated with various new version releases is fundamental to our product lifecycle. This is possible only through the sheer intelligence & grit of our engineers.

DevOps team here in Wingify focuses on Automations and continuous improvement. VWO uses GCP as the primary cloud for infrastructure and Kubernetes for microservice deployments.

We are using microservice architecture to build applications as smaller services that are loosely coupled and independently deployable. This architecture facilitates the incremental development of applications in efficiently handling small changes which increases productivity, scalability, and reliability.

Autoscaling, auto-healing, and Horizontal Pod Autoscaling help VWO to avoid any downtime and scale as per load or traffic.