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Case Studies

Internationalization increases visitor engagement and conversion rate by 1060% - Learn how localizing a website and making a small browser fix dramatically increased the conversion rate by >1000% and visitor engagement

Predicting conversions on a website using visitor behavior - How to ensure a conversion rate of 25%? Learn how data mining on website logs provides tremendous insight into conversion improvement


Online Marketing Swissknife - All FREE tools you will ever need for doing online marketing; keyword research, competitive research, industry analysis, etc.


Behavioral Targeting Whitepapers - Everything you have always wanted to know about behavioral targeting. What is Behavioral Targeting? How does it work? How does it help in conversion optimization? What about Privacy issues? and many more topics...

Wingify v/s Traditional Conversion Optimization - What makes Wingify innovative? Why single dashboard for all methodologies matters? Different ways in which conversion can be improved using Wingify.


Why your conversion rates sucks and what to do about it - understand what is stopping you from getting phenomenal conversion rates.

Online Targeting Demystified - how targeting is going to change the way online marketing is done. Learn how marketers are using targeting in multiple different ways to improve conversions.

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