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Product Details

To give you ultimate conversion optimization suite, Wingify stitches together Testing, Targeting, Visitor Segmentation and Analytics in one common platform. Built for businesses that really care about optimization and who want a plug-and-play, comprehensive and hassle-free solution which delivers real results.


Optimize your conversions by testing different elements through easy to use A/B, Split and Multivariate testing. WYSIWYG editor for making variations of your website elements, minimal code changes on the site.

Benchmark tests on multiple goals including signups, sales, time spent, pages viewed, goals completed. Choose to run tests only for particular segment only to know what is the most optimized experience for that particular type of visitors. Learn More →


Visitors with different intensions and characteristcs (such as search keywords, refferal source, country, frquency, loyalty, purchases, or any other segmentation metric) see different messaging, content, forms, offers, advertisements, landing pages, etc.

Do geo-targeting, shopping cart abandonment targeting, exit-page targeting, category affinity targeting, refferal targeting or any other type of targeting you can possibly imagine.
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Want to know how many times visitors played your front page Youtube video? What percent of visitors just fade away after interacting with your site once? What is your true conversion rate?

Tie tens or hundreds of website (or application) events to our platform and get the big picture on what your users are using, what they are overlooking, in which order do they trigger events, where they are getting frustrated. Funnels, charts, trends, data, clickstream – solid insights on your users. Learn More →

Visitor Segmentation

Categorize your users and visitors into different segments leveraging 30+ metrics. As visitors browse your website, keep segmenting them according to their behavior and show targeted content to them. Run analytics and funnel analysis on visitor segments.

Make segments as comprehensive as visitor who in his last visit interacted with your signup form but didn’t signup. Get such information as soon as the visitor arrives and pitch the right content!
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Real-time Visitor Intelligence

Using a super-easy API, request any kind of information on the current visitor: time spent on page, category or pages browsed, goals completed, purchases made, number of sessions, entrance page in current session, exit page for last session, city, country, previous click stream data, frequency of visit, etc.

Leverage the information on visitors any way you like: localization, triggering custom messaging, special offers, automated emails, etc.
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Contextual Targeting

Target advertisements, offers or (related) content which is contextually relevant to the current page visitor is on. Our contextual engine recognizes concepts present on the web page such as Cars, Mercedes, Automobiles, Russia. In real time, you get exactly the RIGHT semantically targeted advertisements for your visitors. Combine contextual targeting with behavioral targeting and sentiment analysis (available through our API) and you get extremely powerful targeting capabilities!
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Wingify is a conversion optimization solution which ties together analytics, testing and targeting to help you derive maximum revenues from your website.

With an extremely intuitive interface, Wingify provides you with end-to-end solution for:

  • Identifying and defining the most important customer segments and their interaction with your website dependent on visitor behavior, demographics, geography, recency, frequency and many other metrics
  • Targeting website content (including advertisements, promotional messages, pricing, etc.) in real time as the visitor interacts with your website
  • Optimizing your website (and landing pages, user experience, pricing, mailers, etc.) separately for visitor segments

We offer full-service conversion optimization. That is, along with technology you get access to our conversion experts who guide your optimization strategy and do the nitty-gritty of the process too. Plus, you don't really require muscle from your IT department for using Wingify on your website. For integration, what you simply need to do is to copy-paste a single line of JavaScript code, and you are done. Really, using and integrating Wingify is a breeze.

To schedule a demo, or to know how Wingify can help your business derive maximum juice from its website, give us a buzz.

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