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Conversion Optimization Services

You are Website Owner: e-commerce stores, publishers, B2B and B2C websites, web applications, lead generation websites, landing pages
Your primary concern Increase conversion rates on your website
You need A cost-effective partner who takes full responsibility of increasing conversion rates by using cutting-edge technology and by having conversion experts, designers and engineers on board who design and execute the conversion optimization plan.
You get
  • Definite and consistent increase in conversion rates
  • End-to-end conversion optimization service
  • Guaranteed, demonstrable ROI
  • Unlimited access to technology platform
  • Design and implementation of conversion optimization plan
Our Conversion Optimization Process 1) Goals 2) Visitor Segments 3) Web Analytics 4) Testing 5) Targeting
Learn More about our Process
Pricing Depending on the scope of project, our services require one-time investment of $500-$2500. For retainer and long-term association, we provide discounted pricing.
Get in touch Contact us to discuss your exact requirements and we will provide you a quote.

Wingify's technology, conversion experts, in-house designers and engineering/technical team exists solely for increasing your website conversion rates. We handle everything for you: from technology to optimization strategy to design of creatives to delivery of results. Have a look at the full range of services and solutions offered:

Testing and Optimization→
  • A/B, Split and Multivariate Tests
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
Dynamic/Mashup/Widget Ads →
  • On-the-fly generated Ads
  • Automatic Localization of Ads
  • Interactive Ads
Behavioral Targeting →
  • Automatic Personalization
  • Mailing list Targeting
  • Predictive Targeting
Contextual and Semantic Targeting →
  • Technology powering Ad-networks and Ad-servers
  • Fetching related links, products, news, etc.
  • Recommendations

If you like to know more how Wingify can help you or want to discuss your custom needs, do contact us today.

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