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Wingify nominated for Red Herring Asia 100 and NASSCOM Emerge 50

I am happy to announce that we got nominated for not one, but two prestigious awards. The first one is Red Herring Asia 100, where they choose 100 companies from all over Asia who have potential to make it big. The other nomination is for NASSCOM Emerge 50 which choses 50 emerging companies from India in the IT field.

Red Herring is a widely recognized brand famous for spotting Microsoft during their infancy. On the other hand, NASSCOM is India’s top association of IT industry and is highly regarded for building India’s brand for IT services. I feel lucky to be nominated for these awards. The whole Wingify team (see below, yes we’re 8 people now) deserves to be recognized:

Please wish us luck for these awards. We have our fingers crossed!

Introducing Visual Website Optimizer – 50 free beta invites

Sick of tearing your hair for doing a simple A/B test?  Do you seek help of highly paid consultants simply for testing whether a red button would increase conversions? Do you continuously churn ideas for improving your website but your developers are sick and tired of your regular code changes to the site? Do the terms page tagging, HTML and Javascript give you nightmares?

Despair no more, Ta-da! Introducing Visual Website Optimizer – a hassle-free A/B, split and multivariate testing tool that you can use with your eyes closed. Okay, a bit of exaggeration there but honestly VWO makes split testing super fun and dead simple.  Some of the VWO features which promise to make your life much, much easier:

  • Visually design website versions – you simply type in the URL of the site you want to optimize and your website loads into a visual designer where you can pick different elements (such as ad copy, headline, buy now button, etc.)
  • Word-like WYSIWYG editor for making variations – once you are done picking important website elements, you use a WYSIWYG editor for making variations for it. Change text, upload images, change text color or do any other change you would like to test
  • Choose a goal for your website – want to increase sales? increase downloads or signups? reduce bounce rate? Simply specify what goal you would like to optimize on the website for and you are done
  • Add two simple snippets of code to your website – no page tagging, no code fiddling. Simple code needs to be added to the website and that too just for the first time. After that you can create unlimited number of tests from the interface without ever having to touch the code again. Hows that for simplicity?

We won’t do self-praise here (even though we would love to), so here is what one of the initial beta testers has to say:

“[Visual Website Optimizer] does it so disruptively, embarrassingly better than Google does, that it puts a smile on my face” – Patrick McKenzie

Of course, he is referring to a Google optimizer product you probably know about. Ask me privately on email if you don’t :)

Now for some Good News.

I’ve got 50 free invites for this blog’s readers. Use the invite code “wingify-blog” (without quotes) while signing up for a free account here: Use it or share it, but do it fast as they won’t last long.

Also, you shouldn’t miss watching a quick (4 minute) video below which shows just how simple it really is to start increasing your conversion rates using Visual Website Optimizer:

Let me know your feedback on the new tool! Did you like it? Bugs, comments or praises – all sorts of feedback is welcome. Leave a comment here or email me at

Hello world, welcome your new buddy for Conversion Rate Optimization!

We are starting a new blog on conversion rate optimization today. It will contain tips, tricks, hacks, guides and secrets for converting your website visitors into your customers.

If you are serious about your business online and don’t have a clue what your conversion rate is, stop reading right now! You cannot  optimize what you don’t measure.  First step is to know what percent of your website visitors take the action which you want them to. It can be commenting on your blog, signing up for your service, making a purchase, or even simply browsing through as many pages on your site as possible. Fish out your web analytics help and setup conversion goals for your website now. We can guarentee you that you will be in for a reality check when you see that number :)

Make sure you subsribe to the blog either through email or through RSS, because we are going to post very exciting stuff here on a regular basis.  If it is about conversion optimization, it is going to be on this blog (eventually).

Happy to stay in touch with you. Welcome us to the world of conversion rate optimization.